New 1430 carts post firmware change

I recently put your inks in a CIS from CISInks in a 1430. I had used one of their CISes before, and, although I had a problem with it, it did work- that is, the printer recognized the CIS. Now the printer does not recognize the new CIS carts- all red lights- and I read on line that Epson has sneaked in a firmware “update” with the regular updates it sends out- which I unsuspectingly installed- which renders 3rd party carts/CISes unrecognizable. Now I just bought a set of carts and ink from you, which I have not yet attempted to install. I don’t want to install them if the printer won’t recognize them. So, that’s my question: will the printer recognize them, after my unwitting firmware update, if that’s indeed what happened?

CISInks did send me a possible workaround, but it was for Windows, and they didn’t think it would work with the Mac drivers. I could go that way if I have to- I have Windows computers, too- but I’d prefer that this 1430 would work on my Mac.

I long for the halcion days of the original CIS on an 1160, which was trouble-free.


Hi James~

Epson can be so sneaky… We have tested our refill carts in both 1400 and 1430 printers with great results, though it was a few months ago when we though to check for a firmware update (which isn’t as easy as it is with a pro model printer), and at the time we were on the latest firmware. If Epson recently released a new firmware that causes issues with third party carts, then we aren’t aware of it, so can’t give you any feedback about it and our carts. What is the workaround that CISInks gave you for Windows? Please let me know your results if you end up installing our carts, and I will let you know if we discover anything in the meantime.

Best~ Dana

I just received an email from Jon Cone regarding this issue. Thankfully, I was using a 1430 only as a test bed. And returned it! My larger concern is that Epson will attempt such an firmware change with other printers.

Any comments?

I have heard rumors of Epson updating printer firmwares to not work with third party carts, and that will certainly be an issue… but then I’m sure more companies would find a way to remanufacture Epson carts to put their inks into, so I believe there will be a way to continue- or, move to a different printer manufacturer!!

I am taking an “if it ain’t broke…” approach and not updating firmware for my two Epson printers. However, on second thought, I am not too concerned because anything that can be done with software can be undone too.

I think that sounds safe. I actually believe you can’t easily go backwards with firmware versions.

I’ve been contemplating replacing a dead R2400 with a 1430 and using your refillable cartridges so I can print all-black for digital negatives.

The other day I came across this thread regarding firmware updates rendering after market cartridges unusable. As a new printer from the Epson store the likelihood of the firmware being the latest suggests I might not be able to use your cartridge system.

Any more word on this issue?


Hi Dave~

I’ve heard a few reports of the latest Epson update rendering third party carts unusable, so we’re in the process of testing this, and will have information soon.


Thanks Dana, I will stay tuned to see how this turns out…

I’m thinking of buying a 1430 and would hate to buy one with firmware that would not allow the use of refillables. Is there a known firmware version that I can check before buying?

Just do NOT Opt-In to having Epson push you updates or alerts. When you install the printer there is a very benign screen asking if you would like to be made aware of important updates, etc. Say NO. I just installed a brand new 1430. No issues. The problems reported are from accepting pushed driver upgrades… Just take care of your own and do not Opt-In to anything…

Great, thanks Jon.

I searched for this reported update through and found this:

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 						Should I perform Apple's Software  Update to get the latest OS X 10.10 printer software for my Epson  Professional Imaging printer?


						No. Do not run the software update; the printer software for your product is only available from the Epson support site.


Published: October 15, 2014

This is going along with what Jon is saying to not install every update your computer finds, select only the ones you know are trusted and do your research!

Can I please clarify whether we’re talking about a driver update (for the OS) or a firmware update (for the printer) that is causing these issues? Do we know?

Epson have always seemed more protective of the 14x0 printers. The printer is incredibly cheap, but from what I’ve seen the ink is even more expensive than for other printers. So among the 13" printers, it seems be the one where they’re keenest to enforce the razor blades business model. For example, it’s the only one where they seem to have country locked cartridges. So any update that tried to lock out 3rd party carts for the 1430 would be consistent with this approach.

Neither. It’s a push from Epson in some form of innocuous improvement that you agree to have them do. It is a message that pops up during operation and asks if you would like the printer to have some type of improvement or enhancement. This is what is known as PUSH. They push it to you rather than your pulling it down yourself. You have to OPT IN to this when you first register the printer. You click on a box asking if you want to be bothered by news, updates, etc… and then when you get one - you do not read and realize only when its too late - that your printer firmware has been updated. Otherwise - you have to go WAY out of your way to download and install a printer firmware upgrade…

So the answer seems to be that it’s a firmware update in the printer, albeit an automatic one pushed out by Epson, and not simply a driver update. Which would mean that it’s harder to reverse, perhaps impossible, and the printer would also refuse 3rd party carts if attached to another computer.

yes and impossible to reverse!

I speculated above that the 14x0 series seemed to be a special case for Epson, given the low price of the printer. Is there any evidence that this push approach by Epson is being used for other printer models? (Being on Windows I don’t see any Mac-specific messages, and in any case I never install OEM bloatware for anything if I can possible avoid it.)