Never-ending cartridge problems

Hello, I have bought refillable cartridges for my R3000 a few years back. After a few months my cartridges started showing the “not recognized” error once in a while. I didn’t give it much though because these are not OEM cartridges after all. After that, the errors became progressively more frequent and I got progressively annoyed. It got to the point where every time I wanted to print something, I would have to futz with the ink cartridges to get them recognized. This has been happening for a while now. The last straw that nearly made me rip my hear out was when my the LLK cartridge stopped working all together. Non of my tricks worked anymore. I cleaned the connections, I did the manual reset, I replaced the battery. Hell, I even power cycled the printer for good measure. Finally reaching out to the forum to see what is going on, and why these cartages are so frustrating.


I suggest the newer AutoRestCartridges (what we have in stock now) as they have way less power/electrical issues.