Nervous about PK refilling

Hi. I know the R3000 is finicky when it comes to carts. The printer won’t let me change from MK to PK because it says the ink level in PK is too low. However, it hasn’t told me it’s empty yet. Can I pull the PK out and refill it, and will it reset to “full” when I put it back in?

My fear is that since it’s not reported as empty yet, when I put it back in filled it won’t reset the levels. Since I can’t switch to PK, I can’t use the remaining ink to force it to register as empty…



Well, the answer is no, even if the printer says it’s “too low to switch black inks”, it WILL NOT reset itself to full when you fill it. I guess the printer needs to actually tell you it’s empty (not just “too low to switch”) before it allows a refill. That’s a catch-22: you can’t get the cart to read “empty” if the printer won’t let you print from that cart.

All’s good though: I took my spare cart w/ Piezoflush and dropped it in and did an ink change, which then allowed me to put the original PK cart back in and use up the remaining until it read empty.


You are correct. The MK/PK switch can be problematic with refill carts (Epson just forces a new cartridge to be bought). I suggest a spare chip be purchased (or the original PK OEM cartridge kept around) if one finds they might get into this predicament.

FYI, the chips snap off and snap on on this cartridges. It’s easy to swap a “full” chip for an “empty” chip without having to switch cartridges as well.