Need Replacement VM reset chip


When I tried to install a new refillable cartridge for the Epson 3880 Pro (VLM #8) T5807, 2 pins broke off of the chip inside the printer due to a clearance issue.
Would it be possible to send a replacement chip for the VLM8 T5807 cartridge?
It got jammed in the printer because the silicon was not completely seated in the plastic piece that holds it. (I inadvertently separated the silicon from the plastic initially)

I am pressed for time on this. I have a show in a few days and need to have this expedited.
Would it be possible to send one right away?

Hi Art~

Cathy told me you called and actually need the LK chip, not VLM. I see you purchased the 3880 refillable carts last September. You can get the replacement 3800/3880 reset chip you need here:

I am concerned that you may have damaged the printer’s LK chip sensor if there was a “clearance issue” and “pins broke off the chip inside the printer”… Can you please clarify which “pins” you’re referring to? I am also concerned that the reset chip may have not been properly attached, since there should be no clearance issues if the chips are attached as directed.
Is this the first refill cartridge you’e installed in your 3880? Please remove a neighboring cartridge, then look into the cartridge chambers to examine the chip sensors, which are located at the top/rear. The chip sensors are made of thin wires, which won’t work if bent/damaged, and need to be replaced if this happens.

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana