Need recommendation for the Best digital negative

I have 2 of Epson 9900 and 2 of 11880
I wanna try out this company’s best technology for Digital Negative.
Which product I have to buy for this? Please guide me :slight_smile:

Selenium K7 or Piezography Pro on the 9900 with PiezoDN curves and the Piezography Beta Driver is very good. It takes some time as the beta driver is a work in progress but I would say this is the best quality neg.

11880 not entirely supported. If you have a WORKING decoder board than our 9900 cartridges will fit and work properly in this model . . . but we don’t officially support that model.


Thanks for the informations!
Great Help :slight_smile:

So, I put these items into the cart for now.
1 more question.

  1. Piezography Professional Edition Software
  2. Piezography Pro, BW Toning system, 700ml, Set 11 (matte & glossy)
  3. ReUsable Cart Kit with Reset Chips - X900 Set 11

Do I need to buy “Piezography PiezoDN digital negative system” also? :thinking:

PiezoDN software is required for Digital Negatives.

Professional Edition software is not required. (that is for calibrating Pro ink-on-paper only, but the existing free curves available work really really well out of the box.)


That’s good to know!
Thank you!

Has anything changed or is this still not good for negs for silver printing?

Short answer. Yes, it will work for silver with driver. Long answer, I need to truly validate it and am doing so on the 22nd. It’s already less noise than K7+QTR so should be good.