Need help troubleshooting on R2880 with Warm Neutral Ink on JonCone2

We took your class this fall and are trying to print on our new printer with the Warm Neutral inks we installed last weekend. We’re running into problems that we can’t seem to troubleshoot. We would love to get some help.

Our printer is an Epson R2880
Our ink is Warm Neutral
Our paper is Jon Cone 2

The only curve we could find in Quad Tone RIP that seems appropriate is called: K7-WN-SEL_Type 2. Is this correct?

The printer test page seems to be printing normally but photos are printing very light, and with unprinted horizontal lines throughout (about 1 mm apart). I’ve confirmed that the inks are installed correctly and the inks have not settled.

Is there a better curve for us to use that is specifically made for our combination of paper/printer and inks? Could this be the problem?

I’ve included a screenshot of the QTR printing screen.

Is there a different test image I should try printing for better troubleshooting? Or anything else I can do to help troubleshoot?

Any help at all would be much appreciated!

Please upload a high resolution image of your nozzle check test. Let’s start there to make sure the inkjet nozzles are all firing.

The curves available for the 3880 and R3000 will also work for the 2880 fyi.

The important thing is to make sure all nozzles are printing and that the ink has settled properly.

Also, you will want to download and install the curve archive available here if you haven’t done so yet:


Hi Jon,
The nozzle check was very illuminating, it was full of holes. I cleaned the print nozzles 3 times and once it looked correct I tried a test print it is now working beautifully! Thank you!
Can you confirm that we are using the correct curve for our paper/printer/ink combo?

Our printer is an Epson R2880
Our ink is Warm Neutral
Our paper is Jon Cone 2

the curve we are using is: K7-WN-SEL_Type 2

I’m having trouble uploading the image of the nozzle checks but since it is now working I assume you don’t need to look at them.
thank you!

Thanks for the curve info Walker. I’ll give the 3880 and r3000 curves a try as well to see if there is a noticeable difference.

How long would you say it takes the ink to settle properly after installing the cartridges? Is it typical to have to do multiple head cleanings after installing or refilling inks?

Thanks again,