Need a spectrophotometer recommendation

In the chapter “Linearizing Piezography” of the Piezography Manual, the requirements say

  1. You must have a spectrophotometer (i1Pro, i1Pro2, DTP70, ColorMunki, Spyder, etc).
  2. You must be capable of using said spectro and the software that runs it (ColorPort,
    i1Profiler, ColorPicker, SpyderPrint, etc).

Although I do not plan to purchase a spectrophotometer right away, it would be helpful for planning and budgeting purposes to know which of the above-mentioned devices meet the minimum requirements for linearizing a .quad. I would not want to spend the extra money on a device that can do more than measure printed targets. I already have an X-Rite EyeOne for calibrating and profiling my monitor.

SpyderPrint is a good one.

FYI, I suggest that you check out the PiezoDn forum (that you have access to) as this is where those who are using these devices live.

I’ve posted a gravure curve there, but will be updating that over the weeks as we’ve pulled out our own press in CEP this week and next. It will change dramatically.

Also, I can post a reflective-density-to-luminance spreadsheet up there too.