Need a printer recommendation

The 1430 is indeed a good fit for people just starting out.

It makes very good negs especially now that QTR has the added Super Microweave option.

It’s important to use our most recent 1430 refillable cartridge design with this system:


I need a printer for making digital negatives at home using piezoDN. Until now, I have been printing my negatives on professional Epson printers at school, but those printers do not use piezography inks.

At a workshop I recently attended, we used an Epson 1430. It was slow, but made good negatives. I understand that the 1430 can also be used for making matte b&w prints with piezography ink, which would be an added benefit.

Is the 1430 a good fit for someone just starting out? Or would you recommend a different printer? I would like to start modestly and upgrade to a better printer after I gain experience.

I second Walker’s opinion. I’ve been using the 1430 for digital negatives for 8 months and am very happy with it.