NEC Multisync P221W profiling with DTP94


After my Eizo CG21 died, I bought 2 new NEC MultiSync 221W and the Spectraview II Software.
First when I calibrated the displays everything is fine, but the result is worse;- in the “rgb shadow checker” from your site I can see the “12”, the “11” I can’t:-(
I tried several times, with several options, but same results.
I am calibrating with the DTP94 from x-rite on a MacBook Pro with OSX 10.6.8.

With my PowerMac G5 with 10.5.8 I had to downgrade Spectraview II to 1.1.9, and while calibrating the software freezed several times:-(

My problem is, that the Spectraview II Software is official available only in the US, and nobody can give me support here in Germany…

Best regards,

PS: On my good old Eizo F77S I can see even the “1” on the shadow checker(!)…


You are using the Spectraview II software. correct?

Technically, the DTP94 is supported but is a very old instrument. I think it was first made and remained unchanged since 2004 or 2005.

Can you beg or borrow an Eye1 pro to try it?


What presets should be used in the Spectraview II software to calibrate properly for Piezography printing?

I am looking for an i1 pro.


I could not upload a screenshot (190KB-jpg?) with the results and settings of the calibration. I tried also with the “png” file…
Sorry, I could not find where the limitations are described for uploading pictures here in the forum


png is a supported attachment, and the size is not too big… Please go here for instructions related to attaching files to this support forum:


Now it seems that the upload works;- thanks Dana:-))


We use 5000k light boxes adjacent to our displays - so we calibrate to 5000k. 5000k is also the white point at which humans are best able to judge color differences. We see this white point as “achromatic” or neutral - neither too warm nor too cool - neither more red, blue or green. So it is preferred - but you should also have a 5000k viewing environment in your studio. We use the Print setting rather than Photo setting. We set the Gamma to 2.20 - and the brightness is at about 85. THen we let the software calibrate it.


Thank you, Jon:-) When my my new i1 pro comes, I will try it again.
Regards, Richard


I realized just a minimal difference between the calibration with i1 pro and the DTP94:-( I tried several settings, and also the “german” software, the spectraview profiler 5 (originally from basiccolor), and also software calibration.
And I suppose that with first number the “11” visible in the “rgb checker”, this is not a monitor for piezography printing;- ok, with 160cd I can see also the “8”, but I wish to have a monitor also for softproofing…
Have you guys (and girls, of course…) experience with the calibration of the NEC PA241W?