My Epson P9000 love/hate history - ask for help

Hi, Friends of inkjetmall, im Eduardo Mugica a fine art printer from México.

in January 2017, i start printing fine art with a Epson P9000, an i1 pro 2 and a bunch of paper, in April of this year the problems started, I have a couple of nozzles clogged into the magenta channel, every 6 months I do a cleaning like the one described in the inkjet mall youtube tutorial, I do this using piezo flush.

The cloggged nozzle did not affect the image quality at all but my biggest problems began when looking for epson technical service.

It turns out that in my area there is only one technician and it does not generate the greatest confidence, when I told about the clog he charged me $ 110 usd and told me that if it was uncloggged it was $ 200, causing me distrust I decided to call epson latin america which confirmed that in my area was the only authorized, in the end he came to do the cleaning, which consisted in disarming the right side of the equipment and cleaning the head with “great choice window cleaner” not even windex, in the end he can not remove the small clog and only charge me the 110 dollars.

My printing business is going well but these details concern me a lot, I have seen that inkjetmall have announced a possible the cartridges to use the inks of cone with my plotter and I am very interested.

My doubts are:

It will be a good option to acquire these cartridges and perform an initial filling with piezoflush as maintenance.

when will be aviable the p9000 cartriges? I will be in the United States from October 1 to 5, if there is a way to buy them with piezoflush and ink I am very interested.

Given that we are seeing the possibility of having a second P9000 I need to find better service, if you guys offer equipment maintenance course I am willing to go to Vermont if it is so.

Thank you very much for your attention I add photos of my capped injector.

Dear @loomitz

S-CP cartridges are being molded now so we hope to have them available within a month (fingers crossed). They have to go through some QC checks and we need to make an instructional video when they are ready so it may be 1.5 months tops.

These will be “universal” cartridge kits. In other words, the cartridges will be unlabeled with their ink position. Each cartridge “kit” will come with whatever channel-specific chip you would need so in your case you would get 1 cartridge and the VM chip package from us. If you are confused by this don’t worry we’ll make it clear on the website when they show up.

The nozzle check you posted is actually a good candidate for flush. It does not indicate degradation (de-lamination) of the print-head which can occur on this print-head type.


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ok, I understand I have to wait.

As I told you, my printer continues working without problems or signs of banding.

The problem can get worse, if I keep working the same?

and since the shipment would be to mexico and I find myself interested in ink and piezoflush, would it be cheaper to order in this occasion the 700ml and piezoflush inks, so when the molds are ready the shipment to mexico is more light.

Is it necessary to have a set of cartridges for the piezoflush and another for the ink or can I use the same one?

Can i just drain only one channel?