My Cone Cartridges and Inks Free to Anyone Who Can Use Them


I have a set of Cone cartridges that used to be in my Epson R3000. I sold the printer but kept the cartridges and inks. If you want them, and are willing to pay postage, they are yours for free. They were working fine when I pulled them out earlier this year. Openings were tapped up.

Contact me if you have questions or just want to make arrangements. A medium flat-rate Priority box should do the trick.

Thanks - Jim


I would be interested if they are still available!
Assuming they are mostly full (less than 1/2 empty), either estimate the postage and I will send you a check or ship them to me and bill me for the postage.


Let’s switch to regular email if that’s OK. I don’t check this feed very often so I missed this at first. My email is I want to use a USPS Priority large flat rate box (medium is too tight). The flat rate for the US is $18.90. You can just send me a checkoff that amount to: Jim Cokas at 3438 Irvine Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660. I’ll get it in the mail right after I get your postage check. If you decide not to do this then let me know that as well. Thanks - Jim


Hi Jim

As they say the check is in the mail (Monday pickup by Post Office )