My 7800 won't recognize paper with Piezo on it

I’m guessing this has something to do with the sensors but my 7800 will error on paper that has been printed on when I put it back in for the gloss.

So I troubleshooted.

I can load new cut sheet fine 10 out of 10 times.

Once printed on it will give me the load paper properly error message after attempting to load it. Just to be sure it wasn’t an edge issue I turned it around and it loaded just fine. Turned it back around and the printer attempted and then gave me the load paper properly error message. (I’ve done this numerous times) Sometimes I can get around it by putting the paper in landscape but it’s erring on that now as well.

Spec Ed has gloss in the first run through so I removed the gloss in the profile to see if that was the issue and it didn’t change the situation.

I’m printing on Ilford Gold Fibre 13x19. the image size is 12x18. I have not tried making the image smaller to see if that makes a difference and that is the logical next step but thought I’d run this by you first to see if this is something you’ve had experience with.

There is a paper sensor that will eject the paper if it has ink on it. This is generally not a problem with the 78xx but the most recent firmware seems to add the issue back.

The sensor is located about 5 inches from the right of the printer paper feed area (5 inches left of where you would align a sheet of paper when you feed it into the printer). It’s about 7+ inches down into the paper feed area and points at the paper as it goes in.


  1. Put printer in sheet mode (paper lever closed).
  2. Put a letter sheet of paper in the printer aligned to the right but don’t hit the pause or down arrow.
    3 Bend the top of the sheet of paper towards you and down so the top is touching the metal of the printer.
  3. Now pull the top of the paper towards you along the metal of the printer about 1”. The bottom of the letter sheet of paper will no longer be on the printer’s rollers.
  4. Tape the top of the paper to the printer with some masking tape.
  5. Put your printed sheet of paper into the printer (in sheet mode) and queue the gloss print.
  6. Hit the down arrow and the printer should load the paper and print.

Is it possible to put the gloss on at the same time as the ink to have just one pass through?

Is it possible to go back to a previous firmware?

Not having any success but there is a solution. Put this photo paper on Ebay and switch back to matte black maybe even upgrade to the new HD.

Thanks Walker

We designed Piezography Pro to enable perfect gloss optimization at the same time.


I will keep that in mind next time I’m needing ink. In the meantime… I know what we are trying to achieve. Block the sensor with white paper so it doesn’t sense the paper with ink. For whatever reason it’s not working for me. unless you have another tip I may be best switching back to matte.