My 1430 is not recognizing the refillable carts

I now have 5 refillable carts not registering in my Epson 1430, with the black being the only cart that is not a problem. When I first filled the carts with the Carbon ink they all registered. I’ve refilled the carts 1 time. After the first refil I had many ink spills (splotches) on the print, but this has resolved with some maintenance, per your video instructions for desktop printer maintenance. I also can not get the carts to reset. The chip reesetter will glow red if I remove the guide, but does not light when the removable guide is attached. Any advice on what to try next? The carts are all at least 1/2 full.



Hi Rich,

Did you have success resetter your K cartridge before you reset the others OR after? Can you verify that the resetter works on the K cartridge and not the others?

What color guide do you have included on your resetter? Is there a possibility your resetter came with 2 different guides and you have the guide included that doesn’t fit your cartridge?

If the resetter doesn’t light when the guide is ON, that indicates it is not making contact with the chip properly.

If the resetter lights red only without the guide ON, that indicates the resetter is not making the correct contact and did not reset.


I have reset all of my cart by hand holding the resetter without any guide installed. I noticed that the resetter is upside down with the handheld reset as compared to attemting a reset with the guides installed. I have a mediaum dark blue resetter with medium dark blue guides. I just refilled all of my carts, manually held the resetter and got a green light signal on all carts, and I still have all positions with the ink fault light lit under the hood as well as the ink light lit on top of the printer.

Have you tried to remove and re-install the cartridges? Sometimes this happens after resetting or installing new carts and it’s as simple as removing and re-installing the carts

Yes - it is working properly - Thanks for your help!!