Museo paper curves

I would like to try some of the well thought of Museo papers. I wonder if any here have Piezography Museo QTR curves for the 2880, glossy inks. I am using Special Edition.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t find any in our systems, maybe Dana will have something on her computer?

Here, you can try this one Dana found

Dana: can i just download this and put it into my profiles folder just as it is for my epson 9890. Trying to set up a pc laptop to be the print server, having issues installing it, but want to use the museo curve as I got a bunch of sample paper at the photo show. Also, have you guys testing the new epson legacy papers yet?

We have not tried the new Legacy papers.

Here is an article on how to install and delete QTR curves.

thanks got it working, have some legacy samples if you want me to send them up to you guys

We would love to see!