Moving/storing printers after flushing Epson 7800 and 4000 printers


I’m moving 1000 miles (2 days) from Houston, TX to Albuquerque, NM. I will flush my 7800 and 4000 printers (as well as a couple smaller ones) before the move. They currently have the 220 carts installed and the cleaning carts will be the same size. I know the carts should remain in the printer, but worry about possible damage during the move to either the carts or the printer since the cartridges stick out and. as careful as I might be, loads do shift during transport. I do not have 110 carts to place in the slots. The printers will be moved in a pickup with a cap with the printers supported and cushioned with foam since I no longer have the original packing materials.

Is it okay to move them without the carts installed if I seal the slots with their doors and then tape them to prevent contamination? I would immediately install the flushing cartridges until I bring the printers back into service.

Also, what is the best method to seal the individual carts to prevent them from leaking during the move?

I know this is off-topic, but any advice re maintaining the printers in a much drier environment would also be appreciated




Hi Paul~

Without looking it up in the Epson manuals, I don’t recall the specific transportation instructions for these two printer models. I recommend you refer to your printer manuals and follow those guidelines as far as locking the print heads and transporting the printers with carts in or out (I know it differs depending on the printer model).

If you expect the printers will not be used for a few weeks around the time of moving, then I do recommend flushing the ink and charging the printers with PiezoFlush for safe storage and to prevent drying/clogging of inks in the internal ink system.
You can follow our guidelines on flushing printers, here:

Dry and hot climates are the worst for inkjet printers, and I expect you will have to be more proactive at maintaining your machines that people in other areas. They keys to keeping a printer in good working condition are:

  1. Maintain humidity levels between 40-60% and temperature between 65-80
  2. Regularly use printers at least once a week, and try to not let a printer sit unused longer than two weeks (as pigment settling and ink drying can occur over time).
  3. Regularly agitate ink carts to maintain in-suspension pigment (all pigment inks settle over time when left sitting still- this is true even with Epson inks).
  4. Regularly clean the printer’s capping station, flushing box and wiper blade as per our written and video instructions.
  5. Dampers, wiper blades, flushing boxes and capping stations should be replaced every 1-3 years. Depending on your comfort and skill level, you can replace all these parts yourself by following the repair manuals, available at

I hope this helps!
Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards and good luck with your move~ Dana :slight_smile: