Mothballing an R3000

I’m not using my R3000 enough so I want to fill it with piezo flush, box, and store.

My problem:
I’ve removed the OEM color cartridges and installed IJM cartridges filled with piezo flush. The ink levels are still listed at the OEM cartridge levels I removed. My yellow was pretty low 5%, the rest were all below half filled. I opened up my WicReset to do an ink charge but get the INK OUT ERROR. So I removed all the cartridges. Shut down the R3000 for 10 minutes. Turned back on and reinstalled the IJM piezo cartridges and my above mentioned circumstances don’t change.

My WicReset will do a head cleaning and all its other functions. Just not an ink charge.

I could just keep printing QTR nozzle checks I guess until the color appears purged.


Walker if I’m understanding my reading of the other posts I’m going to have to keep printing ink separation charts until my cartridges are showing empty and then I can uninstall/reinstall for reset. I’ve used these piezo flush cartridges previously so I was hoping it would revert to its stored memory of these cartridges.

Would I be better doing purges of each individual cartridge assuming there are purge profiles for the R3000?

You’ll need to purge-print each color separately until that cartridge resets. Taking the cartridge out and putting it back in will not reset the chip, it only resets after a certain amount of printing (and only during the printing process).

It’s a finicky think with ARC (auto-reset chips). There are some nifty ink-level sensor cartridges in other printers (HP printers I think) but that is patented and Epson carts do not have this feature.