More Detail? Jack-in-the-box Capping Station

Hi. I’m following up on another question asked previously, but buried a bit in other questions. I did a cleaning of my R3000 per Dana’s video, and everything went fine except that, in pressing down on the capping station while blotting it (it’s now clean, I think), the capping station came out of whatever holds it in place properly. It’s therefore connected just by the big spring underneath, and is a Jack-in-the-Box. A previous writer said something about a cross-shaped piece which fits into a white plastic piece that is unseeable below the assembly. Walker, can you be more specific about how to re-align and re-attach a capping station like this? Thanks.

I’ll let @DanaC comment on this as she is much more familiar with the waste ink pad workings on this printer than myself.


Thanks, Walker. Look forward to hearing from her. She and I had a correspondence years ago about my old R2400. Looking forward to hearing from her! Kenn

Hi Kenn~

In addition to the ink tube and spring on the bottom, the capping station is held in place with plastic guides that keep it where it needs to be. If the capping station is disconnected from the guides, and pops up like a “Jack in the Box” like you’re explaining, then you’re going to need to take off the printer cover in order to see and access the capping station area to reconnect it.

I recommend you get the service manual, from, which will walk you thru removing the printer’s cover. With the cover off, you’ll be able to push the capping station back down, then into the guides to keep it where it should be.

I hope this helps, best~ Dana

Thanks, Dana. I’ll check it out. Hopefully it will be obvious once I get the cover off!


Hi Ken,

Getting the cover off is the key. When I wrote “without being able to see beneath the capping station” It was only because I was attempting to remount the box without taking the cover off, Attempting to realign the box without removing the cover resulted in slightly bending the springs which pushed the cap out of position preventing it from making a seal. In the end I had to replace the capping station.

A previous writer

Hi, Dana. I ended up taking my R3000 (with the “jack in the box” capping station) to a repair place. I heard from them today saying they have to replace the capping station. I think you said that if the case is apart, one should be able to re-align the capping station and push it back down into place, yes?

If the repair guys replace the capping station, I thought the R3000 capping station was part of an assembly so that it would also replace the dampers. I can’t find the reference to the place that actually sells parts, but I wanted to confirm that if they replace the capping station, it would also result in me having new, clean dampers. Do you know if that’s true?


The dampers are above the head (what connects the ink lines to the head).

The capping station is part of the “cleaning assembly” I believe.


Hi Kenn~

The capping station part of the “Ink system assembly” and is separate from the damper assembly. The damper assembly is part of the “Ink supply unit”