More 7900 clogs

I wanted to start off with saying thanks. I’ve found the information and videos from the site to be very informative and helpful. There’s a lot of maintenance information that I wish I had known since I first bough this printer. I might not have the head clog situation I have now.

I have a 7900 that’s roughly 6 years old. It has sat sometimes for weeks without printing. From the information I’ve gleaned from the forum I likely need to replace the dampers. I can get 9 of the 10 heads to unclog completely on a nozzle check test print, but they clog up again almost immediately.

The one clog I’ve been unable to clear is the green. Roughly 1/3 of the lines in the middle are completely missing on a nozzle check. I’ve tried a bunch of the various methods (cleaning the capping station, piezo flush on a paper towel under the head, various cleans in maintenance, no SS cleans as yet though) and not been able to clear it. I’m guessing there is dried ink inside the head.

Considering the deals currently offered on the P7000 I don’t want to start throwing a ton of money at this, though my definite preference would be to fix it as opposed to replacing it.

Any suggestions from the pros?