Monitor calibration

In reading ‘Pre-Visualization Strategies for Piezography intro’ on the Piezography blog, the best that I can get to on the 1 to 63 target is around 15. This is using an Eizo CG222W calibrated to 85CD, 0.33CD, 5000K. The monitor is calibrated with Eizo ColorNavigator 6. I don’t know what to do next. Is it my monitor or what?

Possibly answering my own question, I dropped the target into PS and can see down to 2. Is that what I should have done in the first place?

I had the same issue calibrating my EIZO monitor. It took me a while to “figger out” I was viewing this on the internet which is SRGB. I was pulling my hair out calibrating, recalibrating. I didn’t own PS at the time, but once I switched the monitor to SRGB, I could see a lot more numbers. Once I got CC Cloud, and opened the image in PS, I could see 'em all…
Since the help/manual info is being updated, perhaps this too can be corrected.

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What I found interesting is with the image opened in Photoshop CS6 and zoomed on my LCD screen to 400%, I can see the 6 if it is scrolled to the top of the LCD screen. If I scroll it down to the bottom I can see the 2 and the 6 is very visible. Guess the LCD lamp is at the bottom of my screen perhaps. Not much difference in left to right though, or very slight.

I use an i1 PhotoPro 2 set to the 25 minute screen calibration too. I know the x-rite guys in their video claimed “No screens alike and only the factory can calibrate multiple zones of the screen” where we get to pick one and pray the rest fall into tolerance for color and brightness.


A few follow-up questions: 1.) where / how did you get the “1-63” target that is shown in the “Calibration! Do I Need It…” posting on 2.) Did you just the save the image (which is an 8 bit .jpeg)? 3.) And when you opened it in PS CC did you leave the color space alone, i.e., “leave as if, don’t color manage”? 4.) And lastly what color space are you using in PS CC: Adobe RGB 1998 or ProPhoto RGB?


You should be able to download it from the page. Right click and save as. This link may be easier:



I’m using sRGB as my default. I just compared assigning sRGB and then AdobeRGB and while AdobeRGB makes the image look a little darker, it doesn’t change how far down I can read the text. (I can read 5 without much difficulty, I can see 2 if I zoom in a bit, although 1 remains a struggle unless I zoom in a lot and peer carefully.) AdobeRGB has a gamma of 2.2, and so is in effect an RGB version of GG2.2, so that’s what I work in when I have an image in RGB mode, given that piezography is based around GG2.2.

Thanks Brian for your quick reply! I can see down to four with zooming in (400%) and and positioning the image so I eliminate most of the almost-white background. Guess I need to recalibrate to get down to 2 :slight_smile: !!