Monitor calibration - Sept. 2022


Setting up a new system and wanted to check if the monitor (NEC, Eizo) calibration settings (D50 / 5000K / L~85) per the piezography manual are still the recommended ones.

thank you.

1:200 contrast ratio.
100 luminance (ish)
D60 (6000k)
Put a small light behind the monitor facing the wall to keep the monitor from being the brightest thing you see


To go further with this, with NEC SpectraviewII, 6000K isn’t one of the drop down options, it goes from 5 to 5.5 to 6.5K, not sure which is best.

Gray Gamma still 2.2?

Color Gammut: Adobe 1998? vs Native(full)

On the monitor itself it has some options:
Emulation>3D LUT emulation> (off/compare/on)
Calibration>Color Stabilizer>OFF vs ON

Using Spectraview app (as you should be) you can set to any Kelvin value you want.