Mojave and Piezography

Does anyone have any thoughts about / beta experience with Mojave, due on 9/24/2018 and the PiezoDN ecosystem?

I have not had time to install the gold master and validate this but in general I counsel people never go to a .0 system. Wait until .3 or .4 at least if you are doing anything production oriented.

I have learned this the hard way.

I will update this thread when I know more.


Thanks Walker! I agree about waiting until 3 or 4 iterations for system updates.

One note. It looks like Xrite ColorPort will be blocked from being used on Mojave. People will have to use i1Profiler (free to download and use) to measure targets.


Any ideas for what DTP70 users can do if Colorport is dead?

For DTP70 users you will need to use VMware. Put a copy of Windows XP, 7, or 10 in VMware and run ColorPort in that. Or just keep an old pre-Mojave comp available for measurements (that’s what we are doing).


Thanks Walker. I’ll do both.

Is Virtualbox a suitable alternative to VMWare for this purpose?

yes it is. No problem.

It’s just that I’ve had some problems getting my i1 Photo (V1) working in VB.

32bit apps work. (Just not in the next OS update). More importantly legacy Java and ColorPort (and ColorMunki) works.

QTR works. Piezography Driver works.

All good to update.


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