MK HD loose ink? stain hands and even the back of other prints

is this normal, i print some black background images on Hahnemühle PhotoRag Satin, the ink comes off at the most light touch.

Should i go back to OEM? its my first batch of inks.

PhotoRag Satin is considered by Hahnemuhle to be a photo glossy fine art paper and it requires Photo Black ink.

The Ultra HD is a Matte Black ink and not designed for glossy papers. Save it for your matte papers!

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yes, i know that is a photo Glossy, but its the only one on hahnemuhle list that use MK ink, even the hahnemuhle page Profile is listed MK, that the special thing about this paper48%20PM

maybe its just the combination? i have several print on OEM MK with this paper, and the gloss differential in this paper goes crazy, on cone inks.

We don’t make a profile for this because it doesn’t look good w/ MK nor PK.

Ultra MK is very matte and the darkest MK ink in the world. The one single paper that was a trade-off was the Satin paper.