MK cart no longer reading chip, possible bent or broken pin

Hi folks, Looks like I have my first bad chip interface. Was taking one of my 4 4800s through a thorough flushing: Ink Initial Fill, ect. when after refilling with more flush and resetting chips I could not get MK past the Set Cartridge error. Read through the forum some interesting stuff, and as always learned a few new things. Saw the one with the broken pin and I believe, as best as I can see in the slot, that I have a bent or broken pin. Have gotten past this with the 4000 by bypassing the chip reader, but the 4800 has different service mode options. Is there a way to either turn off the ink chip reading function or reset the chip reading function in such a way that I can continue working on this printer?

I know the chip and cartridge are fine as it works perfectly in another 4800. Tried an OEM cartridge as well, no luck.


This won’t be of help to you, but how does one bypass the chip reader on the 4000? Mine won’t read the cartridge in the light magenta bay. I’m at the point of taking it to the Epson repair shop but, if I can bypass it, that would be great!


To bypass the chip reader on the 4000 you have to go into maintenance mode. This is documented elsewhere on the inter-webs.


Don. These cartridge can be pushed in by about a MM. If you do this (gently) and hold does the issue go away? If so, you need to do this will all the carts and shim them in place by putting a bit of cardboard underneath each cart where it goes into the ink-bay.

I’ve used those carts for 10 years on 4880s (before working at IJM) and I had to do that often.