Mixing OEM and refillable carts in a 9900?


Can I purchase the 9890 set of refill carts and put them in a 9900?

In other words, can I mix the OEM carts and the refill carts by leaving the OEM orange and green in the machine?

Have other users reported any problems in this regard?

Yes, there is no problem with doing this and I have done this in the past before working here without issue.

Warm regards

Excellent, thanks Walker
While I have you on the line, another question…
I am converting a 9900 to PiezoPro. The last time I converted a large format machine was a 9800 a few years ago and used piezoflush to flush out the colour. But I think since then i have seen posts from users who have skipped the flush and just gone straight from colour to piezo - obviously with more cleans to get rid of residual colour pigments. Is it still the recommendation to do a flush first or can I bypass it?

IMO, the cost of the flush and carts is basically = or less than the extra ink cost of Color to Piezo. And the flush gives you a benefit of clearing agglomerated pigment.


thanks Walker appreciate it!