Mixing Ink with Gloss Overprint

Wondering if it would be possible to mix a warm or cool ink with the GO? The idea would be to have an alternate tone GO.

Also curious to know, with a dedicated GO printer, if there are other possible creative GO applications.

Thank you,


This won’t work as the GO will not mix well with pigment (totally different chemistry).

That said, our upcoming Pro inks will have both warm and cool.


I often print a second pass of GO over matte prints. It neutralized them a bit and brings them slightly cooler and deeper.

It also seals the paper from pollution.

Another thing I’ve done is print a flat MATTE black ink on a large gloss paper and then take an image with words in white and a black background and print that over the matte ink using just the gloss optimizer curve.

This makes the words stand out in gloss over matte black.


Thanks Walker, very creative.

Leads to another question.

Print an image on glossy paper, next the GO, is it now possible to print a thin black (transparent like) layer on top of the first GO, follow by another GO?

I’m trying to create a look of dusk or twilight atmosphere in a landscape image, without having to do it in PS. Hoping that the effect would be more like a glaze or translucent layer use by painters, not something created in PS.