Mixing Cone Ink with OEM

I have been using Epson OEM ink in Inkjet Mall refillable carts by extracting Epson ink from large capacity Epson Carts (220, 300 ML) and then injecting the ink into the refillable carts. If I am low on an OEM ink can I mix my Cone inks into the refillables without causing serious ICC problems?

I would not recommend it if you are needing absolutely consistent color. Either go full ConeColor or full OEM Epson in that case.

If you are desperate though, it’s not exactly going to hurt. CC is a different chemistry than Epson though so pull the Epson ink out of the cart first. It’s fine mixing in the line during printing, but it doesn’t want to merge in cart.


OK - that’s what I needed to know. I’ll just pull the ink out before refilling.