Mixed up OEM cartridge chips

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I stupidly mixed up a few of the OEM Epson 3800 cartridge chips, so now I don’t know which chip belongs to which colour. So, I have two questions:
1: Will I do damage by putting the wrong OEM chip into the new InkJetMall cartridges? IE: Putting a LK OEM chip into a InkJetMall M cartridge.
2: Do the numbers on the OEM chips mean anything? IE: The OEM chips have numbers on them: F2104, F2137, F2159, etc.
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  1. It won’t do damage.
  2. As far as I can tell it means nothing.


Thank you for getting back to me…


I tried installing the OEM chips into the InkJetMall cartridges and they all worked except for the MK and PK cartridges. So I tried to swap the OEM chips on those two cartridges and the PK cartridge was good, but the MK showed as needing replacement as well as the LLK cartridge. So, I tried swapping the MK and LLK chips and I got a bunch of errors. I put the chips back the original way I had them installed; MK and PK needing replacement.

Does InkJetMall still have any OEM chips then can sell?

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We only have the following: VLM, LLK, LC, and PK

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