Missing software Epson 3880

I swapped out my 3880 with a new used 3880. When I actually try making a print with it it starts, and then, on the printer I get the message ‘check paper source in the driver settings and load paper correctly.’ On my computer I got a message that I need more software. I’m a little reluctant to install a new print driver because if I remember correctly the newer updated ones will render my 3880 useless for Piezo pro inks. This is a brand new problem for me any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a bit hard to decipher but generally what you need to do is install a new Epson driver and also install the new QuadtoneRIP version and then delete the quadtonerip driver and re-install your Piezo curves.

This will fix whatever problems you have. There will be nothing actually installed on the printer itself.

I can just use the driver that Epson has on their website?

If you want to do Color printing yes. If you want to do Piezography printing you need to install the most recent version of QTR + you need install the curves from the Piezography Community Edition.


Thank you it took a little while but I got it working. Now I can fix my other 3880 without feeling rushed. Jim Lawson