Missing chartridge/waste tank 3880


Has replaced the “ink supply unit” and inserted a new “ink pump” on my 3880. After one pair of powerclean, ink is now in all nozzles. What happens occasionally is that I get the message of “ink chartridges missing” and “put in waste tank”. When I shake a bit of waste tank the mediation goes away. Has also pushed chartridges down. It helps. All counters are reset via service program. Could this be bad contact any place.

It is a loose contact yes.

See this thread: Epson 3880 Woes - Ink not recognized, bad chips?


Hi Perstav
Have you followed any guides and procedures (video; documents) to replace your ink supply unit and capping station & pump unit . If the answer is yes, can you let us know how to obtain this info.
How much time did you spend to do it ?


This is the second time I just change dampers in my Epson 3880, last time for approx. 1500 print. Also changed cap station then.

Now I have changed both “Inksupply” and pump. Counting 3500 prints now. The reason for the shift was probably that I ran empty a cartridge and got problems with that channel (LC). Air that never went away.

Choose this time to replace the entire inksupply because I found the time to change was almost the same, maybe less than changing only dampers.

I have looked at the pictures in the link below, have the service program and most importantly the service manual . When followed closely it provides all the necessary information to disassemble and, not least, restore.

Take time to read through the service manual and followed it page by page. Almost. 1 hours to dismantle cover , lid etc. so that I was left with the frame.

Disassembly of the pump took 2 hours when I chose not to follow the method in the service manual, where two screws must be loosened in the bottom of the frame and the chain on the left side must be removed. Saw a hole in the plastic so that the pump could be taken straight out. Not elegant but effective.

Before mounting, I cleaned the print head on the underside and sent " PiezoFlush " through all ink channels from the top of the head. Used a syringe with a hose

Inksupply, I spent a small hour dismantling. Mounting approx. 1 hour also when I took it very carefully.

NB - do not draw ink through the dampers before mounting on the head.


Turn on the printer.

Reset counters for Inksupply and pump in the service program.

2 Powerclean and 2 usual clean was enough to get nice nozzels .

OK now


This from January 30, 2014.

Dana IJM Inkjet Template Staff

Jan '14

Other users have posted photos and helpful information for replacing dampers in the 3800/3880 printers, check out these threads: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/showthread.php?512-Epson-3800-ink-selector-assembly-disassemble- 126 !
duck http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/showthread.php?228-3800-LC-channel-completely-missing/page2 79

I hope this helps!
Best regards ~ Dana

duck http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/showthread.php?228-3800-LC-channel-completely-missing/page2

Service manual very important and in practice enough to be able to perform the job.

Service program for resetting.

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Hi Perstav
Thanks a lot for the infos.
I could not access the links you listed from Dana . IT always bring me to Google “Resetter”, and I could not get the translation working.

I am surprised you had to replace all of theses components after only 1500 prints the first time and now again at 3500.
What size prints and paper are you doing most of the time ?
May I mentioned that while following a printing session at Adorama site a few years ago from an epson technical engineer, that he mentioned that the worst problems for an epson inkjet printer are : Dust; lack of humidity; and not printing enough. He recommended covering the printer with a large cloth after finishing printing to avoid any dust. He also mentioned that having a cat (dust) in the printing room is calling for disaster.



See the word doc i enclosed.

I can send pictures if you want.

Per Stavnesli


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Did I handle this by email?

I’m forgetting.


No - the forum.:blush:

Per stavnesli