Mis-firing nozzles problem (with ink but not with flush)

After a complete manual cleaning of a 9800 (following your instructions) + cleaning with piezoflush cartridge, my nozzle check (with piezoflush )was perfect.
My problem is after, with the piezo ink cartridges. I can’t get a clean nozzle check. Already did some cleaning, check the cartridge again (maybe some air inside, but no), clean again the printer’s capping station etc, no way, impossible to get a clean nozzle check, even after different cleaning cycle (sometimes it’s worst). I get after each cleaning the message “error cleaning”. This is a the second time that I have a perfect nozzle check with only piezoflush and a bad one with the piezo cartridge. Some idea?

You need to turn auto-nozzle check and auto-cleaning off. It will not be able to detect the lightest shades of ink with Piezography and will always give you a clean error if it’s set to this mode on the printer.

With both checks off, put a gloss sheet into the printer and do a manual nozzle check and look at the lines from there. Let us know if you see any gaps. Most likely you have good nozzles at this point.


both was/are checks off, I did some new tests, one manual nozzle check pattern was almost ok (two mistakes on horizontal lines), after a new nozzles cleaning, the second manual nozzle check pattern was terrible (c.a 20 horizontal lines mis-firing …)I don’t understand why I’m getting, this time, so much difference between each nozzle check. It did not happen before. (flushing box, capping station, wiper blade… already cleaned with piezoflush).


Are you using the internal ink bag style cart that is filled thru the end of the cart, or the non-bag style cart that is filled from the top? Does your printer’s pressurization pump turn on frequently when sitting idle? Are you using o-rings on the air inlet points of your Piezo carts? Please open the front cover of your printer and examine the length on ink lines- are they totally filled with ink, or do you see any air bubbles inside?

Hello Dana,
Finally I checked again this morning all the cartridges, and I think there was a tiny bit of air in the neutral s1, because few ink came out slowly into the syringe. I then again did a new nozzle check…and it was perfect ! :rolleyes:
Thank you so much to you and Walker for your help!

PS: I’m using the non-bag style cart for (7800/9800), filled from the top. Without o-rings. The printer’s pressurization pump turn normally.