Might have a bad cart

Looks like my CYAN cart for my 9900 is not holding its pressure. Starting getting complete CYAN dropouts. Putting Epson cart in and after a few cleanings it came back 100%. Printed a few prints, perfect. Put your CYAN cart back in, after a few prints complete CYAN dropout again.

Its the old style with the bag in it. I think it is the cart. Not seeing any air bubbles in line. Your thoughts?

Dana, Wells, Jon? Anyone there?

Dana is out today - but if the pump keeps running on the printer - then there is a possibility that a tiny pinhole has developed or the port where the air passes into has become worn and allowing the leak. If you had a way of using a hand pump to pressurize the cart and then read a gauge to see of it holds it (we have these here) - then you could determine if it is the cart. Do you hear the pump continuously running?

Yes, I hear it running. And if I pull out the plug on the cart to refill it would normally pop a little from back pressure. Its not doing that. Me thinks me got a leaker. Is the bag ones the oldest versions of the carts? I know the newer one I have has no bag anymore.

Yes, that is one of the very old models that we stopped selling 2-3 years ago.

So can I get a replacement ASAP?

Sorry! We stopped selling those years ago. We held a small reserve for a year or so, but none remaining.

You can buy a newer model and it will work with the older models. The chip manufacturer is the same, but the body manufacturer is different.

As the others begin reaching their end of life, simply replace with the newer model and transfer the contents with a funnel. Having said that - I do not suspect that the rest of the carts are suddenly going to croak.

In the past you would just replace it with a newer one because it failed, manufacturing quality issue. I have to buy one? Really?

I checked your account history and I see we did make replacements. We replaced three for you in 2013, and another one in May of 2014 (as a courtesy at that time.) You bought these in October of 2012.

However, the manufacturing quality issues were sudden enough that it was quickly obvious in the printer. Most of the failures were immediate or within just a few days.

I believe what you are experiencing now is just normal life expectancy for this particular product. As I said, I do not think the other six are going to suddenly croak but they will continue to age and end their life peacefully as this one did. If you would like to replace this one and the other six remaining cartridges with the newest models, we can offer you a sweet upgrade price - but they have a 90 day warranty period like all of our products do.