Meth 1 Inks Rubbing Off

Hi – I’m using Meth 1 inks to make digital negs for carbon printing on Pictorico OHP ULTRA-Premium Film. My problem is that some of the ink rubs off on the emulsion tissue in my vacuum frame. I’ve let the Pictorico dry overnight, hit it with a hair dryer, etc. – I’m confident that the neg is dry, and still ink comes off. Pressure in the frame is around 24lbsHg so not too high. I’ve tried mylar in between the neg and the tissue, which works but affects focus. Is there a way to harden the inks on the digital neg so they don’t rub off? This is the QTR curve I’m using. Thanks! Scott

With our new PiezoDN curves we are printing Gloss optimizer at the same time as the ink. This hardens the neg. It requires a standard K6 inkset, PK, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, + GO


Thanks Walker. Would the GO work with my Meth 1 inkset? I’ve got it dialed in and I’d hate to change everything else. Could I just put the GO into an unused ink cartridge and add it to my QTR curve, or would it require a separate trip through the printer? Thanks. Scott