Messy prints with my 1400



A few days ago I received my pigment system kit for my 1400 (great job on getting out quickly btw!). I thought I was following the instructions correctly, but something went wrong and my prints are coming out like this:

I swapped back to Epson cartridges and had no problems, then back to the Cone carts and the problem came back.

In my initial experimenting (before swapping back to Epson), I somehow managed to use up a full set of ink on 4 prints and a few cleanings, and when refilling I noticed that the front of the black cartridge (where the chip is) seems to be coming off.

I’m not sure if it’s something I did while loading the carts, or if I just have a few duds in the set. Any help would be appreciated, as I have a lot of printing to be doing :slight_smile:



Hi Kate~

This is certainly not normal/correct!! It looks like one or more carts are dripping ink onto the paper during printing, and you may be missing a channel or two (cyans?)…
Which hole did you use to fill carts with ink? Did you remove the air vent hole plug before installing carts into your printer? Is the fill hole plug in all cartridges? Have you cleaned your printer’s capping station, wiper blade and/or bottom of the print head? If not, I recommend cleaning your printer by following our instructions, here:
Did you print a nozzle check before printing test images?

Are you saying the plastic chip holder is not well secured to the cartridge body? The chip and plastic chip holder must be well secured to the cartridge, or could damage the printer’s chip sensor.

Please let me know so I can help resolve this and get you back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana


Hi Dana,
Thanks for your response!

Which hole did you use to fill carts with ink?
[B]Fill hole, not air vent[/B]

Did you remove the air vent hole plug before installing carts into your printer?
[B]I did remove them when first filling, but I had assumed based on the way I read the instruction sheet that they had to be replaced before installation. I tried a print, noticed right away that something wasn’t quite right (ie barely any ink being deposited), then stopped it and removed the air vent plugs. Do you think this could have damaged the carts?[/B]

Is the fill hole plug in all cartridges?
[B]Yes, they all seemed secure when I refilled them.[/B]

Have you cleaned your printer’s capping station, wiper blade and/or bottom of the print head?
[B]Yes, multiple times. It was cleaned by your instructions before switching over (in fact, that youtube video is how I found you guys), and again a couple times over this whole process. It seems to be filling quite quickly with your carts, so I think you’re right - something’s probably dripping.[/B]

As for the black cart’s chip - yes, the plastic piece that holds the chip isn’t secured to the cartridge.



I just realized one more thing - I’m in Canada, with a Canadian printer. I noticed that the kit says “1400/1430 - USA Only” - I took this to mean that only the US version of the 1430 is supported… but does it really apply to both? If so, that’s probably the bigger problem.


Hi Kate~

If your printer accepts the cartridges, then the carts are compatible with your printer. Dripping ink during printing is not a compatibility issue.

How does your nozzle check look?
When you refilled your cartridges, did the printer indicate they were empty, or did the status monitor show remaining ink levels, but the cartridges were physically empty? If the later, which cartridge(s) were empty, even though the status monitor showed ink remaining?


I believe it was Black, Cyan and Magenta that appeared empty. The main reason I filled them is that they seemed more or less dry, and the others were very low. I can’t remember for sure though, as I just decided to fill the whole set to be positive that they were all ready to go for a second test.

The nozzle checks came out with apparent clogs. Multiple cleanings helped a clear them up a bit, but they never print quite right. As soon as I go back to Epson carts the clogs are gone.


Thanks for the additional information.
I’m not sure if/how running carts with the air vent plugged, then removing may effect the cartridge ink flow. I do know if there’s air in the exit valve of the cart, it can interrupt ink flow, and cause what looks to be clogged/missing nozzles, which is why we instruct to tap filled carts exit valve down on a folded paper towel a few times to force air up and ink down, before installing into the printer. Did you tap carts as instructed after refilling with ink? What color positions have missing nozzles? Do the missing nozzles move around after doing cleaning cycles?