Matte vs Baryta Papers


I know its preference and I must say i am drawn to Matte papers for Piezzo prints for my portraits, but I do see many who prefer Baryta papers for their prints.

which paper is more popular, Matte or Baryta, and in your opinion, which lends itself better for fine art portraits?

thanks for the advice.


is it any harder to get a nice print on Baryta papers?


No we print on JonCone Studio Type 5 (baryta) paper all the time at Cone Editions Press. This last week we printed 44" x 60" prints on this baryta paper. It does require the use of the Photo Black option when the baryta curve is used to print. Then it is blown dry for a few minutes with an electric hair dryer. It is run through the printer a second time using the GO image file and the correct GO curve and settings.

Or do you mean, is it harder to image when the intention is going to baryta? In that regard, you can get away with a lot less attention to your black levels… It is easier!


Slightly off topic, this just rendered me curious, how do you blow dry 44" x 60" “for a few minutes” ?



we have a very large studio running a lot of large format printers. we have very large tables to work on. so we can place the sheet on a table (our largest is 66" x 100") or if we choose we could pin it or attach to a wall with magnets - whatever is easiest at the time for us. Then we just blow dry it!


Still, “a few minutes”, big tables, BIG hair/blow dryers?