Matte Black Idle

My R3000 has been sitting idle, with Piezoflush carts, for a year. Now, I am planning to resume printing, with a fresh set of Cone inks and carts. here is my question: I never use the matte black ink. So, would it be a good idea to leave Piezoflosh in that line, until I actually need matte black?

P.S. A little off-topic: Does anyone know if there are any upcoming discount coupons on ink sets? I have seen discount codes appear on this forum, from time to time.

I’m slowly diving into a backlog of un-replied questions. Hopefully my reply will be useful for someone happening upon this thread in the future.


You can keep PiezoFlush in the MK line. Just make sure not to switch to it accidentally.

New promo code is on most pages of this forum now when you log in.