Matt Blk Cart not being recognized on Pro3880

I installed the Inkjet Mall carts about a month ago on my new 3880. Last week I filled up the Matt Blk cart and I got a message on my LCD screen “No Inkcart”. I cleaned the chip contacts and everything worked.

Today I checked the ink level on my Matt Blk cart and when I put it back into printer I get the “No Inkcart” message. I tried cleaning the chip again, made sure the pin weren’t bent and made sure the cart was all the way in the printer all to no avail.

What I did notice is that when I pressed down on the Ink Cart button to open the cover, I didn’t have to hold down the button 3 seconds, it opened right away as soon as I put my finger on the button.

What I did to test things out was to replace the Inkjet Mall cart with the original OEM cart and everything worked as it should. Now I even had to hold down the inkjet ink cover button for 3 seconds for the cover to open up.

Is it a faulty chip or any suggestions? Right now I’m leaving the OEM Matt Blk cart in so I could still use the printer.

     Thank you

Any help with my question regarding my Matt Blk cart not being recognized that I sent yesterday?
Thank You

Hi Andrew~

Thanks for the detailed information, this is all very helpful to trouble shoot and resolve your issue.

I have never experienced or heard of what you explain about the cartridge door opening speed before. I assume the difference is pressurization- when all carts/chips are correctly read by the printer, it pressurizes the carts to be “ready” for printing, and needs to release the pressure before opening the cartridge cover. If a cartridge/chip is not correctly read by the printer, it will not pressurize the carts, therefore not need to release pressure before opening the cartridge door.

Thanks for checking the reset chip pins and cleaning the chips (by the way- how did you clean the chip before?). I included a pre-written instruction (which includes things you have already done, but please check everything) below for checking the chips on these carts, if you could please check these things and let me know your results/findings, then we can move forward to get this taken care of for you.

38XX “80ml” refill cart reset chip check: The plastic base of every 3880 reset chip should have three small plastic tabs around the side that hold it onto the cartridge. If any of these tabs are broken or bent inward, the chip will not stay secured to the cartridge, therefore not have a good connection with the Epson chip underneath, which will cause an error. Also, on the back of every reset chip, there should be three metal pins that stick out and touch the Epson chip- the three pins should be equal length for proper contact with the Epson chip. Please check the plastic base to make sure there are three plastic tabs, and if they are all in place, gently bend them outward slightly to ensure they catch and hold onto the cartridge. Also check to make sure the three metal pins are present and equal length. On the front of the chips, please check the gold contacts to make sure nothing is on the contacts that would interfere with the printer’s ability to read it- if you see anything on the gold contacts, gently clean them with either an alcohol pad or pencil eraser. After checking all these things, push the reset chips back onto their corresponding cartridges and make sure they are pushed all the way onto the cart for a good connection with the Epson chip, then reinsert the cartridges into your printer and see how the printer responds.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thank you Dana. As per you question: I cleaned the chip with a tissue and it worked, maybe I touched the chip with my hand.

Maybe today I resolved the problem I was having. What I did was to put the PK Blk chip into the Matt Blk cart and put the Matt Blk chip into the Pk Blk cart. Everything worked as it should without any problems. I even went as far as putting the chips back in their original positions and again everything worked without any problems.

What I did notice was that all the chips were labeled with a color except the Matt Blk chip which did not have anything written on it. It probably doesn’t mean anything but just to let you know.

           Thanks again for your help, keep smiling.

Fantastic, I’m glad to hear your issue is resolved and you can now get to printing!

In my extensive testing/use of these carts and chips, I have determined some reset chips can be used in other positions, but not always and it doesn’t necessarily make any sense as to which chips will work in which positions.

Anyway, I’m glad to hear your good news! Please let me know if you have questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Dana, since I spoke to you about the bad Matt Bk chip that was on the cart that I finally got to work with a work-a-round. Anyway I got tired of the work a rounds and replaced the original Matt Bk chip that I had bought all 9 carts from Inkjet Mall a little over a month ago with a Matt Bk chip I just bought last week. Everything works fine now with the new Matt Bk chip that I’ve been testing out for the last 30 minutes, no problems.

I’m hoping none of the rest of my chips are bad chips because I don’t intend to spend $15 with shipping to replace any more bad chips.

Thank you

Thanks for the update Andrew.

This is the first I’ve heard of a resetter chip working inconsistently (in my experience, they either work or don’t). Please know, we have hundreds of customers happily printing with these carts for years with excellent results, and have received very few reports of problems, so I feel your experience is not normal, and expect you’ll have great results with your other carts/chips (but certainly let me know if you have any trouble).

In the future- if we’re working together and you tell me things are working well, then I assume things are working well, unless I hear back from you. If you started experiencing problems again, you should have told me and I would have helped you figure it out. You are not on your own (unless you don’t tell us)- and we are always here to support our customers with our products.

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: