Master curve for epson 9890



Hi Dana

I just bought 2 custom curves for our old 9890 and a new 9890.
I have two questions

  1. what master curve should I use for that printer ?
  2. When building the custom curve for one of the printers ( I will mark on the printout what printer needs it ) will it be possible to move the 256 numbers from the LVM channel to the LLK channel ? I have lost the VLM channel on the print head and am using the LLK channel for shade 5 instead.



Hi yl40~

You will want to download the custom curve package, containing the printable target image, master curves, and printing instructions:
For your new 9890, you will need to print targets with the “x880-x890-Matte or Gloss-Master” curves (included in the custom curve download).

For a custom setup for your older printer, I can move the VLM/shade 5 channel to the LLK channel, and you will need to print targets from this printer using a special master curve programmed for your unique setup. Have you already moved shade 5 to the LLK channel, or do you need help on doing that as well?

Attached is the “5LLK” master curve you’ll need to use for printing targets with your 9890 using shade 5 in the LLK channel, to have custom curves made for that setup.
The target image and printing instructions will be the same as with your new 9890, which will use the standard K7 setup and master curves.

Please let me know if you have any questions, otherwise I will be expecting your targets and email your curves as soon as they’re ready.

Best regards~ Dana (3.05 KB)


Thank you very much Dana
prints will be on the way today



You’re very welcome Yaron. I will be expecting your targets, and email your curves as soon as they’re ready.

Best~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hi Dana

Wanted to check with you if you received the target prints and if yes when you think I can have the curves .

thank you very much



Hi Yaron~

I haven’t seen your targets yet, and am teaching a workshop for the rest of the week, so if they arrive this week, will have your curves ready by early next week.

Best regards~ Dana


I checked with fedex and you should have the targets . It is very important for us to get the Curves asap so Please check if you have them .

Thank you


We located them over at the Cone’s residences today, I am working on them right now and will have them for you shortly.