Massive ink leakage!

On my Epson 3880…

Ink leaks (in great volume) from the LK and Y cartridges (Inkjetmall refillables).
Have been using these cart without problems for 2+ years.
This condition first appeared today.
I printed one of my standard images & noticed that the color was off.
I then printed a Nozzle Check - it indicated that a Nozzle Clean was required.
I performed the Nozzle Clean. Test pattern then printed successfully.
Returned to making a print of my image.
That’s when I noticed a HUGE puddle of ink forming next to the print coming out.
Stopped the print.
Cleaned up the ink (by this time a LOT!)
Examined the cartridges. The ink all had come from the LK and the Y carts.
And both cartridges which were 1/2 full had exhausted their ENTIRE contents within the first few seconds of printing!

I’m trying to prepare images to take to a Show in 2 days! Oh no!

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Bruce~

Can you please post photos of your LK + Y carts, and the front of your printer, showing where ink leaked out?
Examining the carts, do you see where ink leaked from?

Please let me know so I can help you get past this and back to happily printing~ Dana