Marks on Prints

I’m getting what I would call scuff marks on my prints. The paper I’m using the the Epson Hot Press Bright white paper. I have both an Epson 3880 and Epson 4880 and I’m seeing the same marks on both printers. No matter which paper path I use or Platen Gap. I have also printed the same Image on Canson photo rag 310 and I don’t see this problem. So I’m thinking its a paper issue not the printers. The marks are in the direction of the paper path as its exiting the printer. You can only see the marks when the light is at the right angle. I’m using the Pro ink set in both printers. Is the paper swelling once ink is applied. From what I see only the pizza wheels touch the print when exiting the printer. The marks do not line up with the pizza wheels. Any Idea what could be causing this.