Marks on OHP Negative



I’m in the process of calibrating for my Pl/Pd workflow and am getting marks on the Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP film. I’ve read about a lot of issues with star wheel marks on other Epson printer models but don’t seem to find much about the star wheel fix on the 4900. IS it only when using sheet fed film? Can I avoid the problem by using roll film instead? Is there a work around for the marks? Thanks.

  • Jim


Do you have PiezoDN? The instructions are included in the installer inside of >Documentation>Instructions. Read through the 4900 instructions and you’ll see the process. It requires a “back” leader page and front-feeding.

Also, full community (and my) support is available on the private forum here: if you are PiezoDN customer.



Thanks Walker. I found the overlooked instructions.


Oh, and yes, I am a PiezoDN customer. I will look for further support at the DN Forum. Thanks.