Manual Nozzle Check - Mac OS X

I’ve read many places here that manual nozzle checks are recommended. I used to do these using the Epson Print Utility, but this option seems to have disappeared (at least for me) on my current system (Mac OS 10.10.4).

On my 4800 I can run a test print and automatic nozzle check (the square pattern) from the control panel, but I believe that is my only option.

I have not found another way to run a manual nozzle check, or a way to install the EpsonPrint Utility. Is there a way to run manual nozzle checks? Hopefully there is something simple that I am missing.


I managed to figure this out myself. Somewhere along the way, the original EPSON printer driver was deleted - I only use QTR. Once I re-installed the EPSON driver, I was able to access the manual nozzle check by selecting the EPSON printer and then selecting the printer utility.

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