Making jpegs that appear like the split tone prints made with PPro

I have made a portfolio of prints that build on split-tones and now i need to make/ include jpegs for a submission that look like the prints. Is there a way you suggest implementing a process to accomplish this goal?

Print the 21step target, measure with a spectrophotometer (if you have one), export LAB (cgats) data, and drag the resulting .txt file over the QTR-Creat-ICC-RGB file inside of >Applications>QuadtoneRIP (on Mac).

This will create a soft-proof ICC. Convert to this ICC profile in photoshop and then to sRGB and you will see the color toning appear in your image.

That is how we created these ones:


walter, I don’t have a spectrophotometer, and have very limited time right now. Is is possible to have your group accomplish this for me, for a cost of course?

Print this target and mail us the prints + the toning notes on each print. I’ll do it as a teaching moment on this thread. (274.0 KB)

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thank you , walker. you guys are the best.

Walker, the patches are on their way in overnight mail (fedx). thank you

danka. I will put the soft proof ICCs on this thread.


Thank you, Walker. I appreciate the great support. (3.2 KB) (3.3 KB) (3.3 KB)

thank you, Walker for the icc profiles. I am traveling in Australia this week, but just brought them up on my laptop and it works as you described.

You guys are the best.

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