Maintenance flushing question


I decided to take advantage of your 20% off flush sale, and bought the setup for my 9890. I am an infrequent printer, and in almost 3 years have printed less than 1000 “pages” (according to the menu.) The machine is running fine. No clogs that a simple pair quick clean won’t fix. I agitate the inks monthly, and don’t go more than 2 days without at least running a nozzle check. Life is good.

OTOH, it -has- been almost three years! So, bought the flush, and will give it a go. Here’s my question: given the above, do I need to do TWO init-fills of flush (as you recommend when dealing with clogs) or will one suffice?


one, then sit, then test, then one again if need be.

Keep the printer as is though with your current routine if life is good. It’s good have the flush as backup but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it either. Just keep cleaning the pad, keep ink running through the dampers, etc.



Thanks, Walker. One more if I may:

Does PiezoFlush “dissolve” the ink (in the chemical sense of “dissolve”)
or does it break it apart and put it back in suspension?



Piezoflush “softens” the ink. Enough to get it out of its crevices. We do not want to put solvent through the head manifold because “most” of the epson printer manifolds are not rated for that.



Thank you, Walker.