Maint tank reseter

I have a 4900 and a maint tank resetter with three tanks

When I try to reset the tanks the resetter flashes red then goes steady red. The tank is not reset. This happens on all three tanks

A few questions

Do I need to wait for the tank to read completely full before I reset it.

It has been a while since I have used the resetter I thought it use to show green. So what should the resetter show

Is there an o sternal battery on the resetter that may need to be replaced. Seems strange to have three tank chips go NAD all at once


O need to flush the printer but no tanks have enough space.


One of the pins is stuck and not making cotact.

so new question, is there a way to replace just one of the pins, instead of buying a whole new resetter? I can solder, if I can find a replacement pin, I can probably fix this.

Thanks for the update wilsonintexas~

Is the third pin thru the plastic shell, or is it stuck inside the hole? If it’s not sticking out, then it may be simply stuck in the case. You can try taking the resetter apart (two small screws are located under the label), then gently remove the green computer board with pins attached, to see if the three pins stick out equal length or not.

Please let me know.
Thanks~ Dana