Magenta Issue


I am running the ConeColor Pro system on the 3800. I recently purchased the 3800 from a gentleman who was not printing routinely. I do not know exactly how long it was sitting, but the old carts expired in 2012. I have managed to get it up and running with the latest nozzle check showing every color printing at 100% except the magenta. After several power cleans and alignment the magenta has shown the same missing dashes consistently, while the other colors all improved. I’ve read that the pigment in the magenta can be stubborn, could this be a damper issue? I am new to the printing world so any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance for having a look at this! :smiley:

Sean F.

If it’s the same nozzles that are out this is most likely not a damper issue but a very clogged nozzle on the print-head.

I suggest an over-night soak on some PiezoFlush. This may or may not work if it’s been sitting for that longbut is the one thing to do at this point short of actually flushing the whole printer with PiezoFlush and letting it sit with the stuff in the lines, dampers, and head for a few days.



Thank you very much for the quick response! I will do an over-night soak and see if that does the trick. If I were to do a flush with the PiezoFlush would that require flushing all of the lines or just the magenta? Apologies in advance if that is a rookie question.

Thanks again!

Sean F.

I did the over-night soak, but no such luck. :frowning: I started the printer and did a nozzle check, the magenta nozzles that had been missing previously were still missing. After that, I performed three power cleans, the same exact magenta nozzles are still missing.