Magenta Ink with "Muck" Clogging Printer



We have an Epson 4880 printer using Vivid Magenta [CCPRO-VM-350]. Yesterday I noticed the lack of magenta in a print, so I printed a Nozzle Check from the printer. Magenta was half blocked, but after several Clean Nozzle Head the magenta was soon completely blocked. We did some Power Cleanings and it did not help. I took out the Magenta Cartridge expecting a plugged hose, but instead I discovered what looked like murky ink. To be honest, we were not aware of the ink’s requirement to be shaken every few weeks in order to increase its life, but if anything I would expect the ink to become separated due to density of the ink. However, the murky ink also appeared to have “bits” of sediment in the hose. I took a video of the ink running down the cartridge after I push the hose stopper in with a paperclip. I attached a video for reference.


Is this supposed to happen? I believe some of these “bits” are stuck in the lines and have clogged the magenta head, even after at least 6 Clean Nozzle Head flushes.


No, it is certainly NOT normal for your ink to have “bits” in it. Wells gave me an overview of your phone conversation, but I have a few other questions to have a better understanding of what is going on.

  1. I see you started purchasing ConeColor ink from us in April 2012, although only see that you purchased one 4880 refillable cartridge from us. Do you have a different account under another name, or what carts are you using in the other positions?

  2. Your order history shows you have purchased two 220ml VM bottles early this year, and more recently purchased a 350ml VM and 350ml M bottles. Please clarify- have you used both 220ml bottles, and have refilled your VM cart from the 350ml bottle? What is the lot# of the VM ink you are currently using? What printer are you using the M ink in?

  3. We have always instructed to regularly agitate ink cartridges, as well as regularly use the printer and shake ink bottles prior to filling or refilling carts. This is stated in all our refill cartridge instructions, videos, and several other places on our support pages and blogs. All pigment inks settle when left sitting still, and must be regularly agitated to maintain in-suspension pigment for consistent and accurate output, as well as maintain good ink flow- this is true even for Epson ink. Without regularly agitating ink cartridges, and infrequent use of the printer, the pigment in both carts and internal ink lines settles to the bottom, which is where ink is drawn from the carts- so your doing cleaning cycles, printing, priming the cart, etc… will draw thick settled pigment from the bottom of the cart, which can quickly block the damper screen and restrict ink flow thru that channel.
    Have you not been agitating your cartridges at all?

  4. When was this printer last used and working well? How often do you usually use the printer vs. how long does it sit unused?

  5. What is the service history of this printer- has it ever had new parts installed, such as dampers, wiper blade, flushing box, pump cap assembly, etc? If so, what new parts, and how long ago were they replaced?

Please let me know so I can help you get past this and back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: