Magenta Color Shift

My computer is a Mac Pro running Yosemite 10.10.5, the imaging software is Photoshop CS5. I’m printing from Photoshop using Epson’s ICC profiles, soft proofing in PS. Computer monitor is a 30" Apple Cinema Display. It’s been calibrated with an Xrite system - that’s a little old but seems to have been doing a good job. My printer is an Epson 4900 and the paper is Epson Cold Press Bright Textured Matte. I’ve printed literally hundreds of images with this combination - Epson Inks. My system has pretty much been WYSIWYG until yesterday.

I recently started replacing my Epson Inks with Cone Color Pro Inks. To date I’ve replaced the LLK, VLM, Y, and LK carts and inks. Had seen some wierdness in the cart replacement as I had some of the old battery type chips - problem solved by replacing the chips with the newer non-battery type. Many thanks to this forum for the threads which helped me figure that one out :slight_smile: As of yesterday though, ALL my prints are displaying a dramatic shift towards magenta. Getting blues correct has become an impossible task. It’s almost as if the Epson magenta in the line has worked through and now I’m seeing the Cone Colro Pro Magenta? I understood there weren’t any issues replacing Epson Inks with Cone Color Ink with respect to color.

I’ve done several nozzle checks which appear normal, no skipping and all the right color inks in the right places. Did a power cleaning as well. There doesn’t appear to ba any clogs anywhere in the system.

I’m at a loss as to why this sudden color shift. It seems to have started over the course of one or two prints.

Happy to provide any additional information needed to help solve the problem. Thanks!

In order to maintain color density and gamut with K3 Vivid inksets, our ink setup utilizes a unique relationship between VLM, LM and LC.

It may be time for full cone-color ink in there (at least C LC VM and LM) in there, or a cone-color dedicated profile:

There is one in there for coldpress bright. Note the media-type used for it! Please let us know how that prints. If still magenta, there may be something else going on.

We are also under-going a complete re-profile of CCPro starting with the next batch of ink when it comes in-stock. This is due to many factors but mainly we have changed hardware and software internally, and papers have changed externally letting us build much more finely tuned profile s(in fact, utilizing the same system and workflows used by paper oems.)


Thanks Walter, I appreciate the timely response. In fact, I’d ordered the other Cone Color Inks you refer to this morning just prior to my post. I’ll swap out the OEM inks when they arrive to support that unique relationship you mentioned. I’ll let you know how it works out. The link you sent me - to the Epson (Cone Color) library shows 12 profiles including the Cold Press paper I’m using. The library however, contains only seven profiles none of which appears to be the one for Cold Press. The names are pretty cryptic though and I could be overlooking something. With respect to the media type, got it, and thanks for the heads up, I’d have missed it.

I am SO sorry! Here’s the link to the 4900 Epson Cone Color ICCs.

I will update the archive shorty.

I updated it on the website.