Magenta clogs consistently with Cone Color Pro


Any thoughts on a consistently clogging magenta channel on a 3880 with CC ink? I get yellow clogs commonly too, but magenta is a real bear. It can sit for a day and need a cleaning. It’ll even clog mid printing session and need numerous cleanings.

I actually have a second 3880 w/ OEM inks that doesn’t clog at all (in the same environment). And I mean really at all.

I shake the carts…I do all the usual stuff really.

My only solution right now that I’m considering is going back to OEM on the yellow and magenta channels…


Oh, and I forgot to say: this is a new issue. I’ve had clogs with CC inks before in the year I’ve ran them, but nothing like this last month with the magenta line is clogging daily.


Well, I just got in and looked at the capping station and the wiper, and they’re dirty dirty dirty on the CC loaded printer I’m having clogging with. There’s literally a piled up line up of magenta ink dried to the pad!

So this is all just a matter of (poor) maintenance! Going to squirt some windex in there and wipe it down.


I’m sorry to hear you’re having clogging issues. Regular maintenance, regular use, and proper environmental conditions are important for keeping printers in top working condition, and lasting as long as possible. Are your two 3880s’ the same age, and get used at the same frequency? Magenta and yellow are always the thickest color pigment inks, due to the natural pigments used (this is true with all brand inks, including Epson). Pro model printers with ink lines and dampers should have their dampers and wiper blades replaced every few years to keep the printer in good working condition and lasting a long time. Our printer maintenance tips and cleaning procedures can be found here:

Please let me know how things look after manually cleaning your printer, or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: