Magenta cast, Epson R3000

Getting a magenta cast with R3000 in both BW and color. Have tried many things to fix including replace VM and VLM carts. Lots of info regarding running simultaneous color programs. To the best of my ability I have attempted to insure there is not conflicting color handling conflicts. I was printing a project in B+W, everything going fine when a print came out with this cast. Tearing my hair out.

what paper and inkset and driver and icc profile (if any) are you using?


Thanks for responding. I use various papers but it makes no difference. Using ConeColor inks. I do test with epson double-sided matte and I use the epson profile for that paper. I’m using PS 2017, and PS print dialog. I’m using the original driver that I downloaded for the printer but recently installed the latest Mac OS. (El Capitan 10.11.6). Haven’t upgraded the driver, I don’t think. I’ll look more into this right now. This happened from one print to the next, without changing any settings. Thanks Walker. Wilson

You need to update the driver.


By chance, are you printing from an Adobe product? if so don’t let the Epson driver manage the color. Let Adobe do the work.