Machine gun sound

Hi Dana & Jon. After installing a new 350ML cartridge for Epson 7890. The printer proceeded to make machine-gun sound every 4 to 5 seconds. It was suggested that this is a pumping sound possibly attributable an air leak or not getting enough ink. When I attempt to print, the noise re-occurs. I’m using other cartridges without this problem.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Richard~

The machine gun sound you hear is the printer’s pressure pump. If the pressure pump is turning on frequently after installing a refillable cartridge, then I suspect this refillable cart isn’t holding pressure as it should, and that’s causing the printer to re-pressurize. What color position is the refillable cart you just installed before the machine gun sound started? Is the cartridge leaking ink from anywhere when removed rom the printer? What other refillable carts do you have installed that have been working well? I see you got the set of 350ml carts and Ink Thrift dye ink in 9/2012. Are you aware that InkThrift dye ink is not designed to be a replacement for Epson ink as ConeColor is, and we recommend using the full set of InkThrift inks together for the best results (pigment and dye inks work and look differently).

Please let me know so we can send the necessary replacement.
Thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

HI Dana. Did not know that Ink Thrift had different color characteristics to the Cone inks or I would have purchased the cone inks. I thought that the Thrift ink did not last as long to sunlight.

We changed all the original inks when we received your inks. We only have your cartridges and thrift ink.

The Photo black, Matte Black, Yellow, Vivid Magenta all have bubbles in the tops of the bags.

Thanks Richard

Hi Richard~

From what you said about just installing a new refill cart and the printer began making a machine gun sound, made me think the refill carts were being installed one at a time. If you installed the full set of refill carts and InkThrift inks into your printer at the same time, then I have some questions/info below that will help me determine the cause and solution to your printer’s frequent noise.
I suspect the “machine gun” sound you report is likely the printer’s pressure pump, which will turn on if it senses a loss of pressure. This can happen if a cartridge isn’t installed properly or if the outer plastic shell of a cartridge isn’t holding pressure correctly.
To determine which refillable cartridge is causing the pressurization problem, open the two cartridge bay doors, unlock and remove the set of refill carts, then install the set of Epson carts. Trick the printer into thinking the doors are closed by raising the white plastic levers in the door locking area. The printer should read the cartridge chips, then pressurize the carts. Listen for the pump sound, and if it doesn’t come on, lower the white locking lever of one side chamber (to make the printer think the cartridge bay door has been open), remove one cart and install the refill cart in the position, then raise the white lever again to “close” the door. Listen for the pump sound. If it doesn’t cycle on after about 30-60 seconds, repeat this procedure with the next cartridge, going thru each one. When the repeated pump sound starts, it’s likely caused by the last cartridge you just installed. If you discover a cartridge that isn’t pressurizing correctly, lower the white cartridge bay door lever to make printer think the cartridge bay door was opened (to stop pressurizing), remove the suspect cart and install another cart in it’s position, raise the white door lever again and listen for the pump to make sure the printer can sit idle for at lest 30 seconds without the pump cycling on again.

Yes, InkThrift is our dye ink line, and dye inks don’t last as long as pigment inks, such as our ConeColor Pro inks. Dye and pigment inks are quite different, and both have their strengths and purposes. For the best results using dye inks in a pigment printer, such as the 7890/9890, the full set of dye inks should be used at the same time, as pigment and dye inks act and look differently (though, it may be an artistic quality that you enjoy for your work- in which case, there are no limitations or boundaries for making art that makes you happy).

If you were looking for a color ink that you can install one at a time as the Epson inks empty, then ConeColor Pro would have been the best solution. ConeColor Pro is a pure pigment ink set that is designed to be a replacement ink for UtrakChrome K3 printer models. InkThrift, as with all dye inks, has incredible vibrancy and gloss compatibility, but is not as long lasting as pigment inks. To determine which color ink is best for you, the main question is how important is longevity to the prints you’re making? If you print things such as posters/signage, brochures, and/or quick proofs or head shots, then InkThrift is perfect for your needs. If you want to produce museum quality fine art prints, ConeColor pigment inks would be best suited for your needs.

Please let me know your findings after checking the carts, if you have questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

HI Dana. Did your trouble shooting method. With the following cartridges out and Epson cartridges in the printer is quiet.
Yellow, Photo Black, Light Black, Vivid Magenta, Light Black.

We are making posters and POS posters the Ink Thrift is good for these uses. The problem we have is that the prints with the Epson ink is 100% some of the prints with the ink thrift are only 85% as good. I guess the thrift ink profiles are different from the epson profiles. Will upload 2 photos. The good one is with epson ink and the other is with ink thrift.

Look forward to your suggestions. Thanks Richard

Thanks for the update Richard.

You are dealing with two issues here: 1. pressurization of a few of the refill carts, and 2. color management. You listed Light Black twice- can you please clarify so I can test and send you the correct carts you need?

Using a profile specific to your exact printer, ink, paper and print setting combination will give you the best quality output for your setup. InkThrift inks were developed to be a very close match so that the standard Epson profiles ad workflow can be used to get great results or most applications, but as always when changing inks, papers or print settings, a customized profile will give you the best results. You can either make your own profiles using a device such as the Color Munki, or we can make custom profiles here by measuring printed targets you send (which are printed with specific settings as per our instructions).

Please let me know so I can help you get back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

HI Dana. This is the second time I have replied on this post and when I came back it was not here. Anyway it is the light light black. Color Miniki looks great. if you want to ship a color minuki with the replacement cartridges without shipping charge I will purchase a color miniki from you today. My phone is 250- 370-2004. I will be out of office for 1 month from tomorrow so please call today. Thanks Richard

Yes, we can do that and Wells just sent you a Sales Order to review.

Please let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: